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CM says his govt had banned purchase of vehicles during Covid-19 emergency

KARACHI:Sindh Chief Minister Syed Murad Ali Shah on
Saturday told Sindh Assembly that his government has banned the purchase of
vehicles during Covid-19 emergency and any operational vehicle which has to be
purchased will need cabinet approval.

Comparing the last four years expenditure of Sindh
government with other provincial governments and the federal government on the
purchase of vehicles, the chief minister said that during the last four years,
2016-17 to 2018-19, his government purchased vehicles worth Rs7.2 billion while
the Punjab government spent Rs16.15 billion on the purchase of vehicles,
Balochistan spent Rs7.8 billion, KPK Rs5.2 billion and the federal government
Rs23.01 billion. “Despite the fact the Sindh government was under criticism,”
he expressed surprise.

Sharing year-wise expenditures incurred on the purchase
of vehicles, the Chief Minister said that in 2018-19, the Sindh government
purchased vehicles of Rs330.5 million, Punjab Rs1447.6 million vehicles,
Balochistan Rs1878.2 million, KPK Rs1361.3 million and the federal government
Rs 5,501 million.

In 2019-20, the Sindh spent Rs438.5 million on purchase
of vehicles, Punjab utilized Rs3416.8 million, Balochistan Rs2533.9 million,
KPK 2093.2 million and the federal government 4517.2 million. As a matter of
fact, In 2019-20, Sindh has Rs3625 million budget estimates for purchase of
vehicles, Punjab has Rs1700 million, Balochistan Rs4800 million and KPK Rs192.4

He said that the PTI government had filed wrong figures
in the Supreme Court, therefore, he would submit a detailed expenditures list
of his government and the governments of other provinces and the federal
government incurred on the purchase of vehicles. He added that the Sindh
government had imposed a ban on the purchase of new vehicles for which
notification had been issued on June 24, 2020.

Shah mocking the opposition in the provincial assembly
said he was thankful to the opposition for reposing their confidence in the
budget 2020-21 because they did not submit a single cut motion. He added that
instead of participating in the budgetary process they preferred to remind them
of the days of their dharna on the container and make hooliganism and disturbed
the house.

Development of Karachi: Talking about the development of
Karachi, the chief minister said that the city of Karachi had a Rs26.8bn ADP
schemes. He added that apart from ADP, there were foreign-funded projects which
the provincial government has to pay back to the donor agencies. They include
Rs202 billion projects, Red Line BRT, Yellow Line BRT, Karachi Urban mobility
Project, water and sewerage Improvement plan, Karachi Neighborhood Improvement
Project, Compatible Livable City of Karachi, Solid waste Emergency and
Efficiency project, Urban Sewerage Rs20 have been allocated, and in District
ADP Karachi Rs2.4 billion have been allocated for completion of on-going

He said that apart from ADP and foreign-funded projects
there were a number projects to be started in 2020-21. Malir Expressway of
would be started in 2020-21 at a cost of Rs27.5 bn and hopefully, Rs10 billion
would be spent during next financial year, he said and added there was a Rs6.5
billion project of reconstruction of link road for Rs6.5bn and over Rs2 billion
would be spent during 2020-21.

The CM said that there was a Karachi Urban Road project under which three projects, Korangi causeway, ICI junction Interchange, Hawks bay Y-junction. These three projects would cost around Rs12 billion and hopefully over Rs4 billion to be utilized in 2020-21. He added that there was a Rs25 billion Municipal wastewater cycling project of Karachi water board on which Rs5 billion would be utilized in 2020-21. Hub Canal rehabilitation project of Rs7 billion and would utilize Rs1 billion in 2020-21.

He said that there was a S-III project on which the
federal government had refused to share its cost, therefore, it would be
launched on PPP mode. Apart from them, there were five combined effluent
treatment plants that would be started next financial year. Shah said that
there were a total of Rs80 billion against which Rs20 billion would be utilized
in 2020-21.

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