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Skin specialist disallow use of counterfeit hand sanitizers

KARACHI: Eminent Skin Diseases Specialist Dr Manzoor
Memon said Sunday that the use of counterfeit or substandard hand sanitizers
was on the rise in Sindh province to prevent the transmission of COVID-19.

Talking to PPI, Dr Memon said the sale and purchase of
substandard hand sanitizers were on the peak in the province and people were
excessively using such products to protect themselves from coronavirus and
other diseases, but those products could be harmful to the people. He explained
that substandard products were harmful for skin due to the potential presence
of the toxic substance and such items could be toxic when absorbed through

He informed excessive use of counterfeit hand sanitizers
could cause over dryness of hand skin. He said although alcohol-based hand
sanitizers could help prevent the transmission of COVID-19, but they could
cause burn injuries. He informed that some people had suffered minor burn
injuries on hands and also reported to Karachi hospitals after using poor
quality hand sanitizers.

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