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Sports: Cricket: Most of the players will be better-off in the new contracts: Nadeem Khan

Karachi:PCB Director – High Performance Nadeem Khan says that 88% of the players will be better-off under the new performance-based revised domestic players’ contract structure.

Nadeem Khan, who held a virtual session with the media on Monday, explained bout the Model Constitution for Cricket Clubs and Club Affiliation and Operation Rules and enhanced and performance-based revised domestic players’ contract structure.

Previously, the domestic players, indiscriminately of their seniority or performance, used to receive Rs50,000 monthly retainer. However, according to the revised the retainer amount after categorizing players on the basis of performance and seniority. Nadeem Khan said that it was a mistake to have the same pay-scale for each and every player regardless of performance and experience.

In recently announced budget for the financial year 2020-21, PCB increased money spent for domestic cricketers’ retainership by 46%. The new contracts will come into effect from 1 August 2020.

According to the new monthly retainer structure, the PCB will again offer 192 leading domestic players (32 from each of the six Cricket Associations) performance-based contracts, but instead of paying a flat monthly retainer of PKR50,000 to all players, this season slab-wise payments will be made.

The new monthly retainer structure is: Category A-plus (10 players) Rs150,000; Category A (38 players) Rs85,000; Category B (48 players) Rs75,000; Category C (72 players) Rs65,000; Category D (24 players) Rs40,000. However, the players will receive lesser in match fees.

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