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PCB to spend around PKR15million on testing in the upcoming domestic season

By Sohail Ali
LAHORE, Sep 14 (APP):The Pakistan Cricket Board will spend around PKR15million on players, player support personnel and match officials’ testing during the 2020-21
domestic season, which kicks off with the National T20 Cup on 30 September
with the first round matches in Multan and second round games in Rawalpindi
from 9-18 October.
Director – High Performance Nadeem Khan said that tomorrow on Tuesday
each player in the National T20 Cup, National U19 Three-Day and One-Day
competitions, Quaid-e-Azam Trophy and Pakistan Cup One-Day Tournament
will undergo tests, at least, twice in the lead up to the tournaments. The players
are also expected to undergo random tests during the tournaments.
The PCB has already announced 192 players for the 1st and 2nd XI events,
while each of the six U19 Cricket Association sides are likely to comprise 20 players
apiece (120 players in total). In addition to this, player support personnel and
match officials will also undergo Covid-19 tests as per the protocols, which
are being fine-tuned and likely to be confirmed later this week.
“Due to the pandemic, this is an additional cost but the PCB is committed
to ensuring the health and safety of the players, player support personnel
and match officials. Therefore, the PCB is happy to make this investment”.
“There is nothing more important than the health and safety of all involved
in the competition and the PCB will fulfill all its obligations and responsibilities
towards all the competitors as part of its duty of care,” Nadeem Khan, a former
international spinner, said.
“All those involved in the competition will hold their first tests in their respective
cities, while the PCB will conduct second round of tests on those who will join
the squads following the first negative tests. The PCB will reimburse costs of
the first tests.
“The minimum cost of a Covid-19 test is PKR6,000 and if you calculate with the
number of tests that will be conducted on the players, player support personnel
and match officials during the season, then the overall cost will be around PKR15million”.
“The other operational costs, including travel buses and team hotels, which
are part of the bio-secure bubble, are on top of the testing expenditure”.
“This is an unusual and unprecedented situation and I am proud that we have
not only announced the schedule of the 2020-21 domestic cricket season but
are also on the verge of launching it. This will be a challenging season and
I am aware everything will not work clock-wise, but we remain optimistic and
confident, and willing to learn and improve as we progress in the season”.
“Domestic season is the lifeblood for professional cricketers and match officials
as their earnings are aligned to it. While a number of cricket boards are struggling
to even put their truncated schedules together, we are fortunate that the controlled
Covid-19 situation in Pakistan has helped us to plan our complete season”.
“This is an evolving situation and we will learn and improve as we will progress.
But I remain hopeful that we will set an example for many by delivering a safe
and secure season as per our duty of care policy.”
Nadeem also said that the players who traveled to England for three Tests and
as many T20Is for a tour which stretched seven weeks have been allowed to
join their respective domestic sides on 25 September so they can spend time
with their families.
“It is a commonsense approach to accept the players’ request who spent nearly
10 weeks in England in a bio-secure environment. This additional time will help
them spent more quality time with their families, recharge their batteries and
return to competitive cricket will full vigour and force,” he said,
The PCB last week said once the lowly paid top domestic cricket performers will
now have the opportunity to earn as high as PKR3.2million, which is 83 per cent
more than 2019-20, and as low as PKR1.8million, still a seven per cent increase
from what the players in the highest category received last year.
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