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(CITY): MPA Sheikh demands justice for gang-rape victim of Jati

KARACHI:,,, Pakistan Tehreek e Insaf (PTI) Vice President and the leader of parliamentary party in Sindh Assembly Haleem Adil Sheikh on Friday demanded justice for a victim of kidnapping and gang-rape, Aisha Thaimor.
According to details, Aisha Thaimor was kidnapped and kept in illegal detention at Jati area of district Sujawal for 10 days, where she was subjected to gang-rape. However, the police lodged case only against three accused, instead of total five accused, and also extorted bribe from the father of Aisha.
Talking notice of the case, Haleem Adil rushed to Jati from Karachi, visited the house of the affected women, presented her the gift of traditional Sindhi Ajrak and assured her all-out legal and medical assistance. He also got details about the case from the father of the victim, Agaro Thaimor and also assured him of full assistance.
Haleem Adil said we have reached here to provide assistance to the victim and her family. He demanded to arrest the accused, immediately. He said she is also a daughter of Sindh, adding not only the women living in posh bungalows are daughters of Sindh, but the poor women and girls of Sindh are also our daughters.
Haleem Adil said the poor people are not given even the facility of ambulance. He said that hospitals are given to NGOs and there is no facility of healthcare for poor people. He said people shift the dead bodies of their loves ones in Suzuki vans.
He said influential people kept Aisha in illegal custody for 10 days and molested her. He said SHO Jati took a bribe of Rs14000 from these poor people and also did not lodge FIR against two main accused.
He said it is a shame that elected representatives from the area did not visit the house of the affected woman. He said these people become assembly members through the vote of poor people, but they neglect these poor voters. He said PTI stands with every oppressed and suppressed citizen of Pakistan.
He said Aisha would be provided medical treatment in Karachi. He said Rs25000 immediate cash assistance is being given to her and Pakistan Baitul Mal would also assist her.
Adil said the incompetent government of the PPP has devastated whole province. He said the growing rape cases in Sindh show the failure of provincial government. He said the Child and Women Protection Bureau is inactive but nobody cares.
He said the daughter of a poor person is raped and no any representative of Sindh government has bothered to visit them. He said the culprits would get harsh punishments as per law and we will ensure that the poor woman is doled out justice.
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