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(CITY): Private sector taking keen interest to invest in palm cultivation: CM aide

KARACHI:,,, Spokesperson to Sindh Government and Advisor to CM Sindh on Law, Environment, Climate Change and Coastal Development Barrister Murtaza Wahab has said that private sector is taking keen interest to invest in palm cultivation and oil extraction in Thatta after the unprecedented success of a pilot project under which first time ever in the history of agriculture economy of the country a provincial government with its own meager resources not only initiated the referred project but successfully started producing indigenous palm oil through its own small scale mill.
Speaking at a press conference in the Committee Room of Sindh Assembly on Friday here, Wahab said that samples of palm oil produced in maiden production are being forwarded to different interested parties and very soon nation would hear the good news of formal offers by local and foreign investors to establish palm oil mills in Thatta.
He said that earlier experts have already tested and certified that palm fruit produced in Thatta is not lesser than the quality of high quality such specie which is being produced anywhere around the world. In view of this it has the potential of market penetration once its production is started at the large scale with the joint efforts of both public and private sectors.
He further said that the milestone of production of indigenous palm by the Sindh government is another feather in its cap besides several other success stories in the past out of which Thar Coal has already widely been acclaimed as one of the historical achievement of exploration of idle stock of an important fossil fuel to meet the country’s energy requirements. Sharing the success of PPP government in project management, he said that the Sindh government had first initiated the Thar coal project in 1993 but a few elders had raised questions and expressed concerns over it but the project was completed. It not only introduced the world’s sixth largest coal reserves but also improved the quality of coal.
Talking about the success of the palm pilot project, he said the federal government has been talking about reducing the import bill of the country since long in which three to four billion dollars is spent annually on palm oil import. On the other hand believing in pragmatism, the Sindh government’s Environment Department pointed out a place at Kathor appropriate for palm tree plantation and planted the crop on 50 acres. When he got the opinion of the experts about its fruit, they declared it to be of world standard. Subsequently Sindh Cabinet approved the construction of a palm mill in Thatta for production of palm oil.
“Now the mill has started working and the private sector is also taking interest in it. We have proved that this crop can be grown in Pakistan as well. This project will be a game changer not only for Thatta, Sindh but for the whole of Pakistan”. He further said that Sindh Cabinet has allocated additional 1600 acres of land and more palm oil trees will be planted on this land.
He invited the media to inspect this place to make a difference between who is delivering on ground and who is building castles in the air. He said that the financial problems being faced by the Sindh Government have an impact on its development projects. “The Federal Government should learn that people now very well that, actions speak louder than words. The biggest reason for the financial difficulties facing Pakistan is the incompetence of the federal government” he added. He regretted that since the federal government came in to power, their target was tax collection of five trillion rupees but so far three trillion could have been collected. He express surprised that how can federal government ministers say no one can point a finger at them and added that aren’t people looking at flour, sugar and medicine scandals? Advisor said that those who have to work simply work despite of all odds. Sindh government has financial difficulties and despite the difficulties we work wherever we can. The federal government should think about this and make its announcements instead of making another promise after promise.
He further said that the Sindh government has no support from the federal government and it is now evident to all that the main reason of Pakistan’s financial difficulties is the incompetence of the federal government. If ever in the history of Pakistan has the target of tax collection been unmet like present time. He pointed out that there was a tax collection of 3.9 trillion of FBR. They cannot meet their tax volume. The money we get from the NFC helps meet the targets. When these are not met, targets are not met.
“Twice the drug scandal came to light. The moral crisis is before you. They say our Prime Minister is handsome. The Prime Minister goes around in a helicopter and says he doesn’t use protocol. There has never been a government in the history of Pakistan that lives in a capsule bubble”, he added. He said that such people are sitting in the federal cabinet who have their own business interests. The cabinet makes decisions that benefit the aides and hit the people. He challenged that if you only investigate the gas and electricity sector, you will find that their pockets are being filled. He said that the people of Pakistan were protesting against anti-democratic policies. Those who used to say that there is no need to panic, but they are themselves nervous.
He concluded that the people of Pakistan are so angry with this government that they are coming out on roads against it. The government says open up tourism. His own people used to say that tourism should not be opened. “I have a personal opinion about schools,” he said. Our Prime Minister did not wear a mask in Kabul either. On the one hand, the Prime Minister says we do not have to lock down and on the other hand, they are imposing sanctions themselves. The Prime Minister is using the corona for his political purposes.
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